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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Digital Marketing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

No we do not.  Unfortunately our services require a tremendous amount of onboarding and setup, as well as costly content creation.  

Upon signing up with us, you will be set up on an auto-renew either monthly or annual.  Please refer to the renewal date during checkout.  We accept all major credit cards and most online payment forms.

Yes!  As a matter of fact you can!  But that's the problem, right?  Most usually try to commit to creating their own content or to carve out enough time each day to maintain all of their content needs.  In reality, you have a business to run.  That's why we have created these affordable plans to have it all done for you!

Simple!  You can simply email hello at and cancel your plan.  According to our Service Agreement, we only ask that you provide at least 15 days notice, prior to the next billing cycle.  Due to the nature of our workflow, we do not pro-rate or refund any unused portions of the service.

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