Hello, my name is Phil and I have been fortunate to be able to help thousands of people over the last 18+ years with their digital marketing. I have made all the mistakes and witnessed all the growth of the internet for the last 2 decades.  It has been incredible to see how we can help folks just like you gain the traction they need to get their products and services found online. 

Possibly there are other services, or services that you’ll need in addition to the ones being offered in these packages.  We also build (and rebuild) WordPress websites, manage Social Media, manage Local Business Listings, as well as set up and manage Google Ads pay per click campaigns.  Digital Marketing isn’t always a One Size Fits All solution.  Most of our clients grow from these smaller and more affordable plans, as they begin to experience a growth trajectory.  Our core business is built on helping small and medium sized businesses grow into our full ongoing plans.

I look forward to serving you and wish you the best of luck with your business.


Full Plan Comparison

$97 Monthly Plan $297 Monthly Plan $497 Monthly Plan $997 Monthly Plan
Content Calendar 1 1 1 1
Blog Topics Created 6 12 12 12
Blog Articles Written 0 2 6 10
Blog Articles Posted To Your Website 0 0 0 12
Blog Articles Posted to 2 Platforms 0 0 0 10
Social Media Posts Written 12 16 20 20
Social Media Branded Images Created 0 4 12 20
Branded Images Posted to 2 Platforms 0 0 0 20
Video Scripts Written 2 4 6 6
Video Posted to 2 Platforms 0 0 0 6
Google My Business Management 0 0 0 1
Website Care 0 0 0 1

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